The skies were grey, the weather horrid going through rain, sleet, snow and hail in repeated bursts. My mood was also synchronised with the weather! So being that we has just celebrated Imbolc, and nights were getting shorter and days getting longer there HAD to be some signs of new life in nature somewhere. Even though it felt that winter would never end.

So me and Tony jumped in the car on the hunt for the first signs of new life among the barrenness of Winter. Driving through endless hail and snow storms along small lanes in North Staffordshire we finally found some snowdrops! They were by the church next to Barlaston Hall on the Wedgwood Estate and were such a welcome sight. Automatically I felt lifted up by seeing them and when I got back to the house I started work on a design that will be turned into a lino cut!

Lino cut design in progress